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To produce a professional and clean job, we must have the correct preparation and equipment. Here are some top painting mistakes that should be avoided to perform a professional job and renovate your residential or office space flawlessly.

Use paint samples

It’s easy to find the shade of paint which you love and want to buy it for your room immediately. The most common mistake with this is, you can not be entirely sure of how it might turn out in the room. Many factors are considered, such as lighting.

The colour you choose may look great in dim lighting, but may not be the same when painted in a room with natural lighting or not much light. We can help to choose the correct samples and apply on the wall of your room to see what actually stands out to you and what would fit well in the space.

Preparing the walls or space

Prepping is critical when wanting a smooth painting and decorating job and an uncomplicated journey. Covering floors, furniture and removing pieces will help you in the long run and can avoid headaches if the paint was to ruin your special belongings. Wrapping doorknobs and taping switch covers are more easy steps to take, so everything looks clean and professional in the end.

Also, cleaning the walls is something which is often forgotten but necessary to have a smooth finish. It’s not pleasant having a wall with dirt, scratches or hair particles stuck in the wall. We believe cleaning your walls simply with a rag and warm water can make a significant difference to the quality of your job.

Use the right paint and equipment

When choosing the right shade of paint, you are faced with many types of paints and formulas which may be entirely new for you. You may also have to consider the surface you are working with. Has it been treated with an oil-based formula? Applying latex paint on top may cause the paint to peel.

Use primer when painting

Priming your walls gives you a clean and quality surface to help the paint adhesion. When painting and decorating, the first layer to apply is primer as it helps bring out the colour and conceals blemishes. Priming is critical as it will be time and cost-effective in the long run, avoiding painting coats and extra coats on the wall.

Good lighting

Painting and decorating in dim or low light may seem fine at the time, but when introducing any artificial lighting or bright lights, all the mistakes, missing spots or stroke marks will fully visible. Make sure the room is well lit with natural light. The best time to schedule is early morning, where it’s the brightest part of the day where a lot of natural light will come in.

Looking for that perfect paint finish that your office or residential space? We are here to deliver exceptional and high quality services, along with a hassle-free, reliable process.

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